Maintenance Strategy and Reliability Centre Maintenance

To do so, you will have to develop strategic maintenance plan. One of many methods to develop strategic maintenance plan is RCM.

In RCM you will do the following steps:

  • Register all asset in the facility.
  • Rank risk of each equipment based on reliability matrix.
  • Analyze the failure mode and effect for equipment.
  • Plan customized maintenance based on risk, failure mode, maintenance history, similar equipment and manual books.
  • Implement strategic maintenance on facility.
  • Use CMMS to execute, monitor and review the strategic maintenance.
  • Review the overall strategic maintenance implementation, including CMMS integration.

Other than RCM, some of the methods to develop strategic maintenance plan is RBI, FSMS , TPM and others. They all have a common goal, which is equipment at their maximum capacity and reliability.

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