Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

  • Predictive maintenance determines equipment condition based on measurement and to analyze several dat which is taken from the equipment .
  • We can perform online and offline measurement, so it is not necessary to disassemble the equipment for performing measurement .
  • Predictive maintenance data can be used to develop maintenance planning and scheduling. It is also helping us to reduce unplanned break down .


  • Vibration analysis is used to determine rotating equipment condition and faults, and performed by certified CAT level 2 vibration analysis engineer.
  • Our engineers are capable to handleequipment condition monitoring, such as data collection and vibration analysis.
  • We are also capable to do problem solving, determining vibration fault (unbalanced, miss alignment, looseness, soft foot, gear problem, belt problem, etc), providing recommendation, and performing on-site balancing.
  • Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) is powerfull tool to determine motor rotor bar condition, which is performed by certifield CAT level 2 Vibration Analysis Engineer


  • Determine equipment condition and problem related with thermal fault or overheating, is performed by certified ITC level 2 engineer.
  • Detect thermal fault that happens if high temperature occurs in some parts of equipment. Thermal fault is high and potentially causing equipment break down.
  • Perform thermograph analysis, specify thermal fault and provide recommendation, by our engineer who are certified ITC level 2.
  • Use standard NETA MTS-2005 with calibrated infrared thermograph cam.


  • Powerful tool to determine oil quality and equipment condition ( for engine, turbine ) is performed by Certified Oil Analysis Engineer.
  • Our oil analysis engineers who analyze equipment condition based on oil quality, determine equipmentfault and provide recommendation, are all certified MLA level 2
  • Oil analysis consist of lube oil analysis (in turbine, engine, compressor , pump, etc)and isolator oil analysis ( BDV, DGA in transformer)


  • Transformer failure occurs if insulation degradation/aging, lightning strike or short circuit happens.
  • DGA is a tool toanalyze transformer condition based on analyzing gas which isdissolved in transformer oil,performed by Certified Engineer. We use Standart IEEE C97.106.

  • <p>Pengambilan data vibrasi</p>

    Predictive Maintenance

  • <p>Pengambilan data vibrasi</p>

    Predictive Maintenance

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