Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

  • Predictive maintenance determines equipment condition based on measurement and to analyze several dat which is taken from the equipment .
  • We can perform online and offline measurement, so it is not necessary to disassemble the equipment for performing measurement .
  • Predictive maintenance data can be used ...

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Preventive Maintenance (PM)

  • Preventive maintenance (PM) is an activity to maintain equipment condition by doing series of service, based on certain interval.
  • We have outstanding team to maintain equipment condition and to ensure high equipment performance achievement.
  • Our PM team are skilled in performing task:
    • ...

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Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

  • Operations & Maintenance is team activity to operate equipment based on standard operational procedure (SOP) and performing preventive maintenance, normally consists of inspecting, cleaning, servicing, retightening, lubricating and adjusting as required.
  • Developing maintenance management using Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), that coverswork order, maintenance history, material ...

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Maintenance Strategy and Reliability Centre Maintenance

To do so, you will have to develop strategic maintenance plan. One of many methods to develop strategic maintenance plan is RCM.

In RCM you will do the following steps:

  • Register all asset in the facility.
  • Rank risk of each equipment based ...

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About Us


Becoming the world class company in maintenance services and equipment provider based on latest technology


  • Becoming the best company on its field in Indonesia by helping domestic industry reducing its dependency in foreign maintenance services and equipment supports.
  • Facilitating our human resources to produce high technology and useful product for maintenance field


Established in October 2008, PT. Adikari Wisesa Indonesia is an expert in maintenance service and equipment providing industry. Our services are evolving from operation and maintenance contract, corrective maintenance, predictive maintenance to maintenance optimization. We also handle troubleshooting for mechanical and electrical problems.

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  • To ensure that our business activities conform to social standards, we fully comply with all applicable domestic and international laws and regulations.
  • We conduct business activities in accordance with the following principles.
  • To maintain strong lines of communication not only with shareholders and other ...
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